lol比赛投注网站|the federal anti-monopoly service(Fas)Said it was investigation signs of price-setting coordination among iPhone resellers following俄罗斯联邦Apple told Reuters it did not control its products pricing。resellers set their own prices for the apple products they sell in Russia and around the该公司回答说:“像俄罗斯一样,全世界购买的所有苹果产品都由经销商直接定价。

”a citizen told the Fas that the iphone 6s and iphone 6s plus,which went on sale in Russia in October 2015,Were priced identically across all 16一名俄罗斯公民将从2015年10月开始在俄罗斯发售的iphone 6s和iphone 6s plus,置于所有16个俄罗斯经销商的手中,称为The Fas said in a press release it suggested The price-setting was coordinated by apple,leading to该机构表示:“iphone 6S和iphone 6S Plus上市后,大部分经销商对这两款手机制定了完全相同的价格,并在一段时间内保持这一价格水平。此外,反垄断局发现,经销商对其他苹果产品的定价也是不道德的。”The service,which reports to the government of the Russian Federation,Has the power to impose fines on companies it deems to be having anti俄罗斯联邦反垄断局有权对隶属俄罗斯联邦政府、被确认助长竞争的公司处以罚款。


律师奥列格回应称,在拒绝接受《莫斯科时报》采访时,苹果将被处以100万卢布(约合15400美元,11796英镑)至500万卢布的罚款。last year a us federal appeals court ruled that apple conspired with publishers to fix the prices of e-books,Resulting in the prices of some去年,一家美国联邦判决法院裁定,苹果和出版社合谋操纵电子书价格,导致部分书籍价格从9.99美元下降到14.99美元。|lol比赛投注网站。