Toyota is taking a diplomatic stance as fines levied on manufacturers this week as part of a Chinese anti-monopoly probe shine an unwelcome light To papate日本汽车制造商丰田在中国政府对汽车市场进行反垄断调查,并为多辆汽车安排了班车罚单后,老练地做到了这一点。the Japanese carmaker has announced the Lexus unit of its China subsidiary will lower the price of some auto parts sold to dealerships owned by other co丰田表示,旗下雷克萨斯中国业务(Lexus China)将上调出售给一些其他企业的零部件价格。Lexus Said in a Statement on Thursday 3360 Lexus China decided to lower the prices of some parts due to increased Interest in auto parts pricing on the pape雷克萨斯星期四说:“由于大众和当局加大了对汽车零部件定价的不道德关注度,雷克萨斯中国要求降低部分零部件的销售价格。

”On Wednesday Chinese regulators accused 12 Japanese car parts manufacturers of colluding to over charge carge星期三The national development and reform commission has fined ten of these a total of RMB 1.24 bn($ 202m)-The biggest anti trust fine imposet中国国家发展改革委员会(NDRC)对其中10家企业处以共12.4亿元人民币(约合2亿美元)的罚款。这仅次于中国监管机关历史上一张班车的反垄断罚款。